Hurry Down Sunshine


“In its detail, depth, richness, and sheer intelligence, Hurry Down Sunshine will be recognized as a classic of its kind….Lucid, realistic, compassionate, illuminating.”Oliver Sacks, The New York Review of Books

“[Hurry Down Sunshine] is an excellent memoir….marked by critical insight and occasionally dark humor.”—NAMI Advocate

“[Hurry Down Sunshine] is about tenacity and tenderness, feeling helpless but being present, about cracking up, then finding the wherewithal to glue the jagged pieces of your mind back together again. But mostly it’s about love.”—Oprah Winfrey, in her letter to readers in O, The Oprah Magazine

“The terrible irony of Hurry Down Sunshine is that you can hear in Greenberg’s beautiful figurative language the not-so-distant echo of Sally’s manic speech. They’re both full of surprise metaphorical connections and abrupt right-angle turns. His literary talent is not unrelated to her curse: the startling associative imagery that gives his writing its power is like a domesticated version of the madness that nearly carried away his daughter’s life.”Time

“[A] remarkable account.”The New York Times Book Review

“In this powerful memoir, writer Michael Greenberg describes the terrifying summer his 15-year-old daughter, Sally, became a stranger to herself and to her father. In August 1996, the lively teenager became, almost overnight, manic and uncontrollable, unable to stop talking as words poured out. With spare, unemotional prose, Greenberg captures what it’s like to have a mentally ill child and the way the disease strips him of his sense of control over his daughter’s health.”USA Today

“This memoir of a family crisis captures the grief that transformed their lives….Readers come away with a sense of the intractable nature of psychosis and the courage it requires for patients like Sally, whose struggles continue, merely to live.”People

“[Hurry Down Sunshine’s] fundamental strength arises from Greenberg’s insistence on facing the demons that held his girl in their dark thrall. Sally’s descent and tentative return form the map for this story; Greenberg’s courage lies in his willingness to follow her down that terrible path, no matter where it leads.”Bookforum

“Greenberg’s elegiac, beautifully crafted memoir chronicles the summer his teenaged daughter, Sally, lost her mind to madness. …At times acutely painful, at times painfully funny, his story alternates between the progression of Sally’s bewildering, frightening decline and Greenberg’s own at times comically absurd experience as he simultaneously deals with a dependent brother suffering from his own demons; a difficult, obtuse wife; and a New Age ex-wife who, after each visit, offers cosmic explanations for her daughter’s condition before retreating to her home in the country.”Library Journal, starred review

“Greenberg, a native New Yorker and columnist for the Times Literary Supplement, writes with unflinching honesty and heart. He brilliantly renders daily life in a Manhattan psych ward….The result is a startling piece of writing, by turns sobering and surreal.”Booklist, starred review

“An intense account of a young girl’s manic depression, told by her father in crystalline prose with searing intensity. Passionate and unforgettable.”Shelf Awareness

“[Greenberg’s] erudite portrait of bipolar disease as experienced from both inside and out is dazzling…Bears enlightening and articulate witness to the sheer force of an oft-misunderstood disease.”Kirkus Reviews