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  1. Michael,
    Just followed a link from Melinda Hunt’s Hart Island Project to your new book, Beg, Borrow Steal. It sounds like a wonderful story about my favorite city, New York. I am interested in what inspired you to use Hart Island in your novel. Mary C. Leto and I just collaborated on an artist’s book about Hart Island. It is a sad, mysterious place with so much history. I’ll be ordering your book and looking forward to reading it.
    Best regards,

  2. karen sheaffer says:

    Michael, thanks so much for writing Hurry Down Sunshine. I have worked in the mental health field for the last 22 years, on inpatient psychiatric units, and presently as an admissions counselor for a free standing psychiatric hospital.

    In addition, Michael, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Dx in 1988, but had my first break in 1983, a manic episode, while in my Sophmore year of college, and needed to be hospitalized. I would very much like to tell you more about that if there is a format…..perhaps an email I could write to you at.

    You wrote so eloquently about so many aspects of mental illness, and how it impacts the individual dealing with mental crises, and the impact on the families, including the inpatient mental heatlh experience, including the feelings that go along with being put on psychotropic meds.

    Thanks again for writing Hurry Down Sunshine.

  3. Sarah says:

    I don’t know if you’re ever going to come back to this blog, but it would be great if you could give some more updates about Sally. I’m training in child psychiatry and one thing I wondered was whether Sally ever had depressive episodes? Your book describes (mixed) manic episodes only — I did not know that this variant of bipolar illness existed.

  4. Mom of BPkids says:

    Absolutely Brilliant Book. I couldn’t put it down. I felt like you were writing about my daughter and son. I felt like I know your daughter and you understand my kids better than any doctor that has ever seen them.
    Thank you for sharing your story and suffering.
    God bless you and your family.
    PS, I too wish you had a blog. It would be nie to see how Sally is doing and also how Pat handled everything. She may not technically be her “biological” mom but, she had more grace, patience and understanding than I (a biological mom) could ever hope to have going through this. She is quite an inspiration.

  5. martyne says:

    Thank you for such a heartwrenching life story. I have a sister who has suffered with OCD since 16 years old( she is 35 yrs. old now with 2 children) and there are many feelings I have felt while reading this book that have been stirred up in me. Mental illness does not live alone. We ALL live with it. It truly takes a village to help us all grow. Thank you for your honesty and I hope that Sally enjoys Every day of hr life.

  6. BP x 3 says:

    Just finished Hurry Down Sunshine. Thank-you for having the strength and courage to write about your teenage daughter’s “crack-up”. Mental illness is such a hidden and scary story – suffering with a loved one is the least of the problem. At 14 years of age my daughter dipped her toe into the shallow gene pool of mental instability. Three years later and many horrific jaw dropping experiences, lots of tears, medications and uncertainty we have gained much of our daughter back. The hardest part is the unknown, if/when/how/why it might happen again in her life. Also difficult is the isolation. Who can you trust with your child’s heart and mind? Michael you took a leap of faith and let the world know.. we are grateful to you for putting into words what is a devastating and uncertain existence. The words used that we have to navigate this journey: “mental ILLNESS” “chemical IMBALANCE” “mental DEFICIENCIES ” “learning DISABLED”, “INSANITY”, “CRAZY” “bipolar DISORDER” make the isolation more-so… because so many are scared of what these words can mean. Watching a child self destruct, explain it away that “everyone does this, mom”, to witnessing bizarre behavior, nothing is more difficult than to hold the hand and heart of someone that is hurting when they have lost touch with reality, and not having any answers. My best to you and Sally… I agree, updates would be wonderful. Maybe we can also learn from what you have experienced with Sally as an adult.

  7. Susan says:

    Dear Michael,

    When I finished Hurry Down Sunshine, it occured to me that Sally’s visual experiences (the scintillating energy in objects), the quality of light, and the feeling of oneness with the universe are the same experiences reported by people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs). There have been many books written about NDEs – I have read many of them. Sally’s experiences are so similar, as are those of Jill Bolte Taylor who wrote “My Stroke of Insight” detailing her experiences with brain damage after a stroke.

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